Monday, September 17, 2012

Never Tired

I love this silly little girl more than words can ever say.  

She melts my heart when she tells me, "you my best friend in the whole wide world, Mommy".  When she gets home from school, she always has a big hug for me and is ready to snuggle.  It makes the long day without her all worth it.

Mornings are a little different.  She does not like to get out of her warm bed.  When I get her up, she always says, "no, it's too dark, it's not bright yet".   I told her that we had to get up early to be on time for school.  Of course, she asks, "can you change it to not be early?".  Don't I wish!!  LOL  Silly Lily is not a morning person!

Tonight as we looked for Halloween costumes, she picked out several fairies.  She was so excited about the wings.  She told me she wanted to fly.  I explained that the wings weren't real and wouldn't really work.  She insisted that she really wanted to fly.  Then she said, "I want to fly, so I can go by myself.  When everybody gets tired of picking me up and holding me, I can just fly".  Oh, my sweet girl...we love you so much!!

I pray that Lily realizes that families are forever and we will never get tired of holding her and loving her.

God Sets the Lonely in Families
Psalm 68:6

 We'll never be alone or without someone to carry us.

Praising God that His plans are perfect.  He brought our little family together from all around the world.  

Please whisper a prayer for Trent's Dad tonight.  I hate cancer.

Monday, September 3, 2012

9 Months

Nine months ago, we were in China meeting our Lilybug!

Lily celebrated her 9 month Gotcha Day with a visit from the Tooth Fairy!!

I am amazed at how much she has changed.  Physically, she's gained 5 pounds, lost 2 teeth, and her hair is so much longer and healthier.  She pushes herself to get stronger everyday.  Her language is great!!  She understands almost everything that is said...if she is confused and needs clarification, she will let us know!  She speaks in full sentences and gets her point across.  Some things haven't changed, she is still bossy, bossy, bossy and charms everyone she meets with her sassy personality.

9 months later, I am still so thankful to be her Mama!  God knew exactly what He was doing when He gave her to us!