Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ava Frances

We got new pictures!!!  There is an organization that is volunteering at Ava's orphanage and they were able to meet our girl.  These were taken yesterday.  Such a great surprise to get these in my inbox today.  Ava's smile just melts my heart, we are so anxious to get her home.

We have submitted our I800a to immigration and got our fingerprint appointment letter on Saturday.  We will be out of town on our appointment date, so we're hoping to be able to walk in for finger printing next week.  I800a approval is taking around 3 months right now.  Please pray with us that ours will be processed quickly.  I am beyond ready to see that big grin in person and hear her voice.  We have several videos but have not heard Ava talk.  Can't wait to see if she'll be a loud mouth like Lily and Reece or quiet like Mary Ashtyn.

We have been fundraising non stop since August.  We've been so thankful for everyone's support! We have a long way to go before our adoption is fully funded, but God continues to bless us and keep us moving forward.  Please consider helping us bring our sweet Ava home.  This is our tax deductible fund raising site:

We sent Miss Ava a little necklace with her first care package...thrilled to see her wearing it in the pictures. It also breaks my heart that I'm not the one who helped her put it on for the first time.  We've missed lots of firsts in Ava's ready to have her with us!

We also got a new video of our little speedy!!   Lily's response was hilarious, "well, she can go fast with her walker, but my power chair is faster"!!  I have a feeling our girls will keep us moving when they are together.  I can't wait!  The bigs were excited to see their baby sister too. I love how they already care about her so much.

Please keep praying for us...the wait is so hard. 
Pray for our sweet little Ava as God prepares her for our family.