Sunday, February 23, 2014

Photo Fundraiser

As we move closer to travel for Ava, we are overwhelmed by the support from our friends and family.  We could not have made it this far without the constant prayers and encouragement.  Last week, a local photographer contacted me because she has heard about Ava.  Although we have never met, she offered to help bring our sweet girl home.  We are so thankful to Misty Beams at Captured Photography.

Please visit Misty's website and check out her gorgeous work.  If you'd like a chance to win, please click on one of the links below, just be sure to mention you'd like to be entered for the Photo Session.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ava's Quilt

Now that we are logged in and getting so close to bringing Ava HOME, we have several new fundraisers!!!  We have been so overwhelmed by the support we've been given so far.  We are praying that we'll travel in June and are anxious to have this adoption fully funded.  God has shown us time and time again that He will provide.  His plans include caring for the orphans and we firmly believe that He has always intended for Ava to be a Bamberg. 

Our newest fundraiser is a chance to win this beautiful handmade double wedding ring quilt...

For every $5.00 donation, your name will be entered to win!!

I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.  (John 14:18)

Monday, February 10, 2014


We were Dossier to China on January 22.  A few days later, everything closed for the week for Chinese New Year.  We were prepared to have a longer wait due to the holiday.  Did you hear me shouting for joy today when I checked my voicemail??

We are logged in as of today!!!!!!!!!  Faster than expected and we are so excited to be a big step closer to Miss Ava Frances.    This means that our dossier is being translated and reviewed and we'll be officially accepted to be Ava's family in the next 3 months.

Every step of the way, God is proving that nothing is impossible!!  Please pray with us that our paperwork is processed quickly and that our adoption will be fully funded when China says it's time to come get our girl!!

We are still busy with several fundraisers and our donation sites are still open.  Please consider helping us if you can...


Orphans are easier to ignore before you know their names. They are easier to ignore before you see their faces. It is easier to pretend they’re not real before you hold them in your arms. But once you do, everything changes.       (David Platt)

Her name is Ava and she deserves to have a family.  Pray with us and help us bring her HOME.  We love her so much and long to hold her in our arms and show her what it means to be loved forever.