Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Almost HOME

TODAY, our Article 5 was dropped off at the Consulate in China.  All of our paperwork will be processed and in exactly 2 weeks, it will be picked up and we will be waiting on Travel Approval (TA).  Once we get this approval, our Consulate Appointment (CA) will be made.  This appointment is the last step before we are able to bring Ava HOME, HOME, HOME!!!  Everything happens really quickly from this point.  Ava's Gotcha Day will probably be in early June.

 Every great work of God, first is impossible, then it is difficult and then it is DONE!

Please pray with us for Ava.  Pray that she feels the comfort of the Holy Spirit over the next few weeks as her life begins to change.  Pray that her caregivers help prepare her to join our family.  Also, pray that all 6 of us stay healthy.  We found out yesterday that Lily has strep, Trent is still recovering from back surgery, the bigs are both starting to cough, and I'm just at that panic point where I know I should have started packing weeks ago.  Just pray...A LOT!

Still waiting to post that we are fully funded, but we aren't there yet.  Whisper a prayer that we'll be able to travel as soon as we get approval.  

Our journey to this sweet girl has been amazing!  We stepped out in complete faith, totally trusting God to bring Ava home.  He has shown us with each step that His plans for us are perfect.  Even when the doubt crept in, He whispered to keep going.  And we're going y'all...all the way to China, to bring her HOME!  

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  1. Yeah! Congrats to you! Ours was taken today to the cccwa!!