Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Remembering China

This time last year, we spent our last few days as BamFam5.  We spent the weekend in Hangzhou site seeing and waiting to meet Ava. 

Hangzhou Museum

So blessed we were able to take Lily back to China!


Authentic Chinese Buffet...we skipped the fish :)

The Mall

Weiss Lake

The hotel breakfast buffet is always a favorite!

It's hard to describe our feelings as we toured Hangzhou waiting to get Ava.  We really tried to enjoy every minute, but we were also hoping the days would go quickly.  We were so anxious to meet our new daughter and sister.  God moved lots of mountains to get us to China and add this sweet girl to our family.  It was almost time to meet her!! 

June 3, 2014...Gotcha Day!!!

The child that we fell in love with through pictures and videos was almost in our arms!! 

Tomorrow, we celebrate a year that Ava Frances Fang has been ours.  What a year it has been!  God has proven over and over that His plans are perfect.  It is amazing that this little girl who is so much a part of us has only been with us for a year.

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