Wednesday, July 29, 2015

16 Years!!!

Way back in 1998, I had to try to put into words why I wanted to be a mother for our first adoption home study.  It was so hard to explain that I just didn't want those sweet baby moments.  I longed for every single moment...first step, first day of school, first boyfriend, first prom dress, first heart break, first job.  Everything!!!  16 years ago, I met my absolute dream come true, my Mary Ashtyn.

I will never forget climbing into the van with her as we left the orphanage.  Our driver honking the horn as the three sets of new parents cheered.  As she snuggled against me, my cheers turned to tears.  The hardest journey of our lives was over, we were parents.  Answered prayers, dreams come true.

Happy Gotcha Day, Mary Ashtyn!

So thankful for all the firsts we've shared over the last 16 years.  I'm amazed at what God has done in her life and how she allows Him to lead her each and every day. 

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