Friday, June 10, 2011

New Picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We sent Miss Lily a little sterling silver heart necklace through Gifts to China with Love.  We have been over the moon today, because we got this......................

I am so in love with this sweet little girl.  I am so thankful that God chose us to be her parents!!  This picture is amazing, but the VIDEO that came with it is priceless.  Lily is just bubbling and at the end she says, "sheh-sheh Baba and Mama" (thank you Daddy and Mama).  She looks straight at the camera and calls us Daddy and Mama!!!!!  You have never seen two bigger idiots than us when we heard that.  What a blessing she already is to us!


  1. What a precious picture...and a priceless gift to you to have that video of Lily! She is just beautiful!!!

  2. Hi, I found your blog through the Lifeline group and just had to comment. I fell in love with your sweet Lily when I saw her on Lifeline's list and immediately posted her on my advocacy site! I was so happy to hear that she had a family! We found our wonderful daughter Lizzie on one of Lifeline's lists and they were just the greatest agency!!! We LOVED them!!! Congrats on your beautiful new daughter!!!!

  3. Rejoicing with your family in the beautiful gift of Lily!
    God is so very good!
    I cannot wait to see her in your arms!