Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Moon Festival Y'all!!!

We sat outside tonight and celebrated the Chinese Moon Festival.  We lit our "Lily Lanterns", read the story of Hou Yi and Chang-O, and ate our version of Moon Cakes.  Mostly, we thought about our sweet little girl a world away just waking up and starting her day.  We sent her a gift and a letter for Moon Festival telling her that we would be looking up at that big moon and wishing she was home with us.

 Mary Ashtyn and Reece enjoyed our Moon Festival celebration!

Our Moon Cakes, chocolate cake with white chocolate icing...YUMMY

Our Lily Lanterns

It was special night for us.  Now, it's time for bed...dreaming of the next Moon Festival when the five of us will be together.  Sweet dreams!!


  1. Love it!!! I'm sure that chocolate cake is much better than a moon cake!!!