Friday, September 23, 2011

Over the Moon!!!

So very excited to get new pictures of our Lily Joy today!!!  We sent her a Moon Festival package and got photos of her sharing her goodies with her friends.   Each time that we get a picture, I fall in love with her even more.  Lily means beauty...she is definitely our beautiful joy!! 

Gifts to China with Love is excellent!!!  Sheri and Katherine have a wonderful relationship with the SWI and are able to get photos and updates so easily.  So very blessed by these two ladies :)


  1. Your Lily Joy is beautiful! We have a Ruby Joy waiting for us in China :)

    Praying your LOA comes soon! I know you can't wait to get to your girl!

  2. Where are you at in your wait? we are waiting on our LOA and i am hoping that it comes soon, don't we all though! Maybe we meet you in GZ!
    you DD is so incrediable, i remember when her file came out, she stole my heart! Congrats!
    hugs and if you have more photos i would love to see them!
    How quick was your care package people? I am thinking of using them!