Monday, August 27, 2012

First Week of School!!

School started back on August 20.  We officially have an eighth grader, sixth grader, and a first grader!  I can't believe that Mary Ashtyn started her last year of middle school.  Next year, she will be in high school!!!  Reece loves 6th grade.  This is his first year to change classes and it's going great.  Lily is rocking first grade!!  She is making friends and loving every minute of school.  What a blessing that all three of them are so happy with school this year.  I am slowly getting back into the work routine and it's not so bad :)

Open House, she was so proud of her desk!

Ready or not, here comes Silly Lily!!

Sweet girl raising her hand     
Worn out after her first day of school
Reece opened his locker on the first less thing for this Mama to worry about!!

Mary Ashtyn will march this year with the BCHS band!!  Love these CRAZY friends :)

Marching in the band, twirling for CMS...busy, busy,busy!

We are looking forward to what the 2012-13 school year will bring.  With our three miracles, it's never a dull moment for BamFam5.  Thank goodness!!

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