Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lily On the Go!!

After a long drive home from the beach on July 17, we pulled into our garage to find another set of wheels waiting for us!!!  Our favorite physical therapist (Aunt Ashlie) dropped off Lily's walker as we traveled home.  At 11:30 pm, I didn't think our sleeping girl would have any interest...ha!!  She woke up as I carried her inside and wanted to see "that blue thing".

She was wide awake and giggling as I put her in it.  As she moved across the kitchen, she kept saying, "wow, this is fast...slow down".  It was hilarious!!  She moved onto the carpet and walked all around the den, turning around and even backing up.  She stopped and looked at me with her little eyes full of tears and said, "I can go anywhere, Mommy...even outside".  I can't even imagine how that felt for her.

The next day, we had an appointment at Children's Hospital.  She left the clinic, walked across the lobby, through the crosswalk, and all the way to our car!!

 Fuzzy Pictures from my phone, but look at that smile!

Her first chance to walk outside was later that week during physical therapy.   Aunt Ashlie wanted her to walk up and down the sidewalk.  Silly Lily wanted to race in the parking lot!!  Guess what...

 On Your Mark, Get Set, GO!!!

 Uncle Wes stopped by for lunch and a quick race.
Lily Wins!!!

Sunday was another day of freedom and independence.  Lily was able to walk into church and go to her own Sunday School class for the first time!  I really wanted to stand at the door and sob, but one look at her making circles in her walker and I was laughing instead.  

Sweet friends at church

Making Rice Krispies Treats

Bible Story Time

It has been so much fun to watch her explore and do things on her own.  For years, Trent and I thought we couldn't handle parenting a child with "special needs".   I am thankful that God always knew exactly what we needed...a tiny little girl with a big, ugly diagnosis who teaches us every day to cherish and celebrate every minute that we are given.


  1. Sitting here with a big smile on my face as I imagine how exciting it was to watch Lily "go" on her own. So happy that Lily has gained the strength to be able to walk. She sure looks proud!

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