Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Beauty

Last weekend, Lily was in a beauty pageant at her school.  She asked for weeks to be in it, so we borrowed a dress and reluctantly agreed.  In her 15 years, Mary Ashtyn has only been in two pageants and I'll admit they aren't my favorite.  Like every parent, I think my children are the the best and the brightest.  It's hard when a panel of judges doesn't agree with me :)  Allowing Lily to be in this pageant scared me.  I wasn't sure I could stand to let anyone judge her...she gets enough of that as she rolls along in the mall or anywhere else she goes.  I was scared for her to be compared to the other girls and be hurt.  I prayed about it A LOT.  As I prayed, Lily talked about the pageant and grew more and more excited.

On pageant day, I took her to get her hair done.  She was so excited!  
She couldn't stop smiling at herself in the mirror...she loves getting pampered!

After arriving at the school and getting Lily's dress on, she looked perfect!

This would also be around the time I realized what a horrible pageant Mom I am...I didn't bring a brush, hairspray, or even lipstick!!  As I left Lily to get to my seat, I reminded her to have fun and we talked about how pretty she and all of her friends were.  I sat down to watch, so worried about my Lily's tender heart.

Then, my sweet girl rolled onto the stage.  Her beauty and grace took my breath away.  She sat up so straight and tall, stared those judges down and gave them her sweetest smile.  I melted.  Lily Joy was absolutely perfect.  I realized it didn't matter what any judge said or who won, my beautiful little girl can do anything!  

Our Lily won First Alternate!!!  It was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen.  We were cheering and going a little crazy and she just sat staring at her trophy.  It was amazing!! A week later, her trophy is still sitting in the den right beside her.  She tells people that she almost won :)  What a dream come true for a little princess who lived in an orphanage until 2 years ago.  A little princess who walked just as tall as anyone else in the pageant that night and proved once again that wheelchairs and weakness don't matter.

 Love that both my girls were First Alternate in both of their very first pageants!!
 Mary Ashtyn 5th Grade 2010
Lily Joy 2nd Grade 3/21/14

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