Tuesday, March 11, 2014

So Close!!!

Seven months ago, we made one of the scariest decisions of our lives.  We obeyed God's calling to add a fourth child to our family, making us BamFam6!!  Seven months ago, we knew that it would take around $40,000 to bring Ava home.  Seven months ago, we were certain that we couldn't afford another adoption.  It seemed impossible...it's been difficult...but it's almost done!!!

Our family and friends have been begging and pleading with us through so many fundraisers.  You sweet people have bought over 200 Sassy Frass shirts!!!  You've bought chances on beach vacations, quilts, and free photo sessions.  People we don't even know have called our agency and given anonymous donations, others have generously donated to our fundraising sites, still others have shown up at our jobs and handed us cash.  It has been overwhelming and has humbled us beyond belief.   How good is our God?  HE IS AWESOME!!  The things He has taught us about trust and humility through this adoption are amazing

We could be a few weeks away from getting our LOA (letter of acceptance)!!  From that point, we just have a few more steps to go before travel.  If everything continues to go as planned, we will travel by late May/early June!!!! 

We have watched our adoption debt slowly decrease until now we only need around $10,000 to bring Ava HOME!! 

I am longing for the day when this sweet little girl with the smile that melts my heart is in my arms...sitting between us in our family pictures.  Friends, we need your help this one last time!!  Please, please help us.  I am tired of begging for money and I'm praying this will be the very last time :)

We are asking 200 people to pledge just $50 to bring Ava Frances Fang HOME, HOME, HOME!!  If you can help, please click here to donate your $50.  If you would rather mail your pledge, please email me at mashmommy@bellsouth.net for our home address.

We are so very close, please help us finish this journey.  Pray with us that will be fully funded SOON so that Ava won't have to wait any longer for her family.    We can't do this without YOU!!

All our love,
Trent, Kristie, Mary Ashtyn, Reece, Lily & Ava

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