Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I have always believed in God and trusted Him.  When we decided to adopt our first daughter from Russia 12 years ago, I knew without a doubt that this decision was God's will for our family.  Three years later, our sweet son came home from Kazakhstan.  I have always praised God for my children.  There is no doubt that they were always meant to be mine.
Lily's adoption has been a huge surprise...only we would have an unplanned adoption!!  LOL We weren't yearning for another child, we weren't even looking. Finding an older child with a hip dislocation was never in my plans.  Falling in love with a little girl who may never walk "normally" was never in my plans.  I am so glad that Lily was in God's plans. 
I've loved her for only a month and haven't met her yet, but she has taught me so much about faith.  I'm not good at letting go and letting God.  For the first time in my life, I am completely stepping out in faith and giving God complete control.  It is AMAZING to see how He is changing our family through Lily.  Through her, God has strengthened my faith and my family.  Lily is meant to be our daughter and I am so thankful!

We met with an orthopedic specialist on Friday (5/06/09).  She reviewed Lily's video and x-ray.  We won't really know if hip surgery will be the best option for her because of her age.  We'll have to have more tests done once she is home.  The doctor did say that even if the hips can't be corrected surgically...there are many options for Lily to walk!!  What a blessing to hear that.  She did tell us it was so important to get her home as quickly as possible, because she is at the upper age limit to be able to have surgery.  Please pray with us that everything will move quickly.

We left the office feeling a little down because we knew we have months of waiting ahead of us.  Once again, God reminded us that HE is in control.  As we drove out of the parking lot...I got an e-mail from our social worker.  I opened her attachment to see our CANs clearances!!!  One step closer to bringing home our little miracle!!!!!!

When God is going to do something miraculous, He begins with an impossibility.

Stepping out in faith has already blessed us so much!  Please keep praying for Lily, God has big plans for her.

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