Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fruit Basket, Turn Over

We have spent the weekend changing the kids' bedrooms.  Our house is a wreck, but Mary Ashtyn and Reece are so excited about their new bedrooms.  Mary Ashtyn has moved to our playroom and Reece will be in her room.  Lily will be in Reece's room.  Once we get everything rearranged, it will look so good.  

As excited as I am, I have been a little sentimental this weekend.  Almost 14 years ago, Trent and I spent months finding just the right baby furniture for our first baby.  We picked out a "crib to college" bedroom suite for Mash.  I will never forget how excited we were to put her crib together.  Although we had months to wait, we had the entire room decorated before our first home study visit.  I can't tell you how many hours I spent sitting in her room and staring at that empty bed.  When we finally got her home and put her in the crib for the first time...I lost it.  She was my dream come true!  Eighteen months later, we converted her crib into the toddler bed when she started jumping out of the crib to get to us during the night :)  She never was a good sleeper!  We changed it to the full size bed when she was around 5.  I've tucked her into this same bed for 12 years...until last night.  She got a new bedroom suite and Reece will get her furniture.  They slept in the new beds for the first time last night.  I will admit that I sobbed after I tucked them in...if you know me, you know I'm a sentimental sap!!  HA

Here is Mary Ashtyn's new bed in her new room.  She wanted a queen size bed, so that she, Lily, and Reece could have spend the night parties!  Can't you already hear my 3 little monkeys giggling??  We can't wait!!!

In the middle of our moving day, I went to get the mail.  So excited to find....our passports are here!!  Another step closer to Lily.  We'll be submitting our I-800 tomorrow.  Pray, pray, pray that it will be approved quickly. 

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