Friday, May 20, 2011

School's out for Summer!!!

I can't believe that the school year is over!  This year flew by.  As I dropped my baby boy off for his LAST day of elementary school, I drove home thinking about what a great year both kids had.

 Last day of Elementary School

Reece was a fourth grader this year.  He stayed busy with sports ALL year.  In the fall, he played youth football for the first time.  He really enjoyed it and made some great friends.  He was # 30, just like his Daddy in high was lots of fun cheering for #30 in purple and gold again!! As soon as football was over, he was on the court for Upward basketball.  Trent was his coach again and they always enjoy the season.  Of course, Spring brings baseball.  Reece tried out catcher this year and did a great job.  He's also turning into a great left handed pitcher!  We love to cheer him on and watch him enjoy sports so much.

As proud as I am of him athletically, I am thrilled with his school performance this year.  He is one smart little boy!  He made all A's for the year and amazes me with his love of math!  During graduation today, he got the Principal's Award of Excellence for having all A's throughout his years in elementary school.  He kept a high A in conduct every 9 weeks.  YAY!! My boy loves to talk, so this was huge :)  He even got the Good Citizenship Award two times this year.  I was soooo very proud of him.

 4th Grade Graduation

Mary Ashtyn was a 6th grader this year.  She stayed busy this year.  She cheered for the youth league in the Fall.  She worked hard and did a great job.  Bless her heart, she had to put up with me as her sponsor!!  As a 12 year old, I'm sure the worst thing in the world is your MOTHER doing cheers and chants AND dances with your squad.  She handled it well and we both really enjoyed it.  I just knew she was going to follow in my footsteps and try out for cheerleader for the middle school.  WRONG!!  A month before tryouts, she decided she wanted to try out for majorette.  Imagine my surprise, since she's never held a baton!!  Thank goodness for my brother's sweet wife, who worked with her for 3 weeks and taught her the basics.  We love Aunt Ashlie!! By the time she tried out, she had the hang of it.  All those years of dance kicked in and she was a pretty little majorette.  We were thrilled to hear her number called out to be on the line for next year!!!!  So proud of my sweet, quiet girl who can do anything she puts her mind to!
 6th Grade Musical

Of course, she had a great year at school.  All A's her entire school career makes me smile :)  She was elected to Student Council and made the newspaper staff. 

 Mary Ashtyn  D.A.R.E Graduation

Both of our kids are blessings and I am so thankful for them.  It amazes me how God had the perfect plan for us.

No Lily update...just waiting.  Our home study should be finished by the end of the month.  The I800a has been mailed, so we're waiting for the appointment letter.  Whisper a little prayer that we get it very soon.

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