Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Only a week??

It feels like we got LID months ago...has it really only been 7 days???   WOW!  This wait is going to feel like forever.  Soooooo anxious to get to Lily Joy.

Please pray with us that we get our LOA much sooner than expected.  We were told we still have 5-6 months until travel.  God can do it faster and we have faith that our sweet girl will be home exactly as He plans!!

We have heard from so many prayer warriors since we started our adoption.  Please lift Trent's Dad in prayer throughout the coming weeks.  He has cancer and will be going to Tampa on 8/30 for a confirmed diagnosis of the type and to get a treatment plan.  We know our God is mighty to save...I beg you to pray with us for Mr. Tommy.  Thanks!


  1. Praying for your family...that Lily will be home before you know it and that your father in law will be healed.

  2. Praying that all will go well with your father in law and that his treatment plan is successful. Praying for strength and renewal as he goes forward.

    May your heart be at peace while you wait for you sweet daughter. I pray that there will be no hold ups or snags!