Friday, February 24, 2012

Busy but Blessed

Sick kids, piles of laundry, doctor visits, beach trip (entire post coming soon) have kept me from blogging for almost a month!  Busy, busy, busy but so very blessed.

Here's a quick update of our busy February...

On February 10, Lily had her hair trimmed.  I actually took all three kids for haircuts at the same time and we survived!!!  I was so proud.  My lifelong friend, Carrie, has cut our hair since Mary Ashtyn was a baby, so she makes it easy on us.  We lived beside each other growing up and our parents are still neighbors, so she always takes good care of us.  Lily was a little nervous about her haircut.  She was sure to tell us to only cut "a little".  She was very happy with the end result and especially liked the spray that Carrie used.  We had to smell her hair for the next two days :)

I have to stop here and say a special thank you and give a shout out to.....


Without her, I would have no pics of Lily's "first" haircut.  I had my camera in my purse and forgot to snap any pictures.  If she hadn't reminded me, I would have missed this memory.  If you're ever in Centreville and need a haircut, stop by Cut 'n Corner and see Carrie and Lori...they'll cut your hair and keep you laughing the whole time.  We always look forward to haircut days!!   Now, since they are FAMOUS, you can also get an autograph!!!  LOL

Our Valentine's Day was very uneventful, except for the stomach virus!!!  Reece and Mary Ashtyn were both sick, so we didn't even get pics of our three Valentines.    

Our littlest Valentine checking out some of her goodies.  Lily just couldn't believe that all the candy was hers.  

This sweet girl has completely stolen our hearts!!  So blessed that God made her our daughter!

Trent surprised us with the best Valentine's treat...a long weekend at the beach!!!!  That deserves an entire post...SOON, I promise :)

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