Monday, February 27, 2012

In One Week...

 Lily and I had a great day.  We spent the day shopping for her birthday.  She is so excited about her party on Thursday.  She can't stop talking about her Mickey Mouse party and her "good friends" that will be there.  We got Frosties and headed home to play outside.  As I type, my little ladybug is braiding my hair.  She keeps asking, "you OK, Mama?" and kissing the top of my head.  I love my Lily so very much and cherish every minute with her.

In just one week, our sweet, silly Lily will be in the hospital at the beginning of a long recovery.  On March 5, Lily will have tendon releases for hip contractures and the surgeon will also cut into her pelvic bone and manipulate the bones over her hip joints to keep them in place.  They will also do a muscle biopsy to determine what type of muscular disease she has.

They'll take her away from us for a 2-3 hour surgery and bring her back in her "hard pants"...a full body cast that will start at her chest and go all the way to her feet.  I won't lie, I had to stop and sob when I typed this.  I haven't been away from Lily for more than an hour since she has been mine.  None of my children have ever had any type of surgery.  Body cast??  I can't even imagine!

I'm sitting here with tears running down my face and guess what Lily is doing??  Making faces at herself in the mirror!!  You can't be sad or worried around this girl.  She just makes me smile.  All of the sudden, she looks up and starts singing Courageous.  It's her favorite.  You know the song, the one I couldn't get out of my head while we were in China.  Now Lily sings it ALL the time.

The only way we'll ever stand is on our knees with lifted hands!  
 Please pray with us this week as we prepare Lily for surgery.
~Pray that Lily will stay healthy
~Pray for her surgeon, Dr. Mayberry, and the anesthesiologist, and the OR nurses
~Pray that Lily will be able to tolerate this long surgery so that they can finish what needs to be done on both hips...if not, we'll have a second surgery and a second body cast after she recovers from the first.  PRAY
~Pray for Trent's Dad, he is still taking treatments.  My kids love their Grandy and we all need him healthy!

I wanted to ask for so many specific things for prayer, but it's my turn to make silly faces in the mirror!!  LOL  Silly Lily just won't wait and I STILL can't tell her no!!

God knows exactly what we need and we know that He will take care of our Beautiful Joy.  Please just pray.


  1. Oh, Kristie, you know that my family is praying for yours!

  2. My mama heart aches for you, Kristie! I will certainly keep you, your family, Grandy and Lily in my prayers. Will she be at Children's?

  3. Praying for Lily and the whole family! She will be in my thoughts and prayers that the surgery is very successful.