Saturday, February 4, 2012


My girls baked a yummy dessert last Thursday.  Mary Ashtyn is a baking pro,but this was Lily's first time to help.  Mash and I found a three layer dessert on Pinterest that had chocolate chip cookies, Oreos, and brownies...we HAD to try it!!!

Working together...yes, Lily is on the counter :)

Looking Yummy!

 Dessert in the oven,now for the best part...eating the leftover batter!
Lily loved it!!
 They even did their own dishes!
 Little Ladybug washing dishes
He didn't help cook, but Reece really loved eating it!!


  1. Love it!! I can tell your sweetie is putting some meat on her bones!! It makes me smile!!

  2. Look at Lily!!! She looks great!!!! I love what a loving family can do for a child!!!

  3. I loved these photos!! The Asian squat is amazing--and when I saw the first photo I thought, "geesh, she's on the counter" right as I read you caption agreeing with my observation. Made me laugh. She has grown so beautifully! It's hard to imagine how they will change, but you just see the love and attention make them blossom from the inside out. Grace on your Crew!!

  4. All of my grandkids sit on my counter! How else are they supposed to see what I'm doing? :) Glad to see your family so happy, and doing so well! Tell Mash congratulations!