Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BamFam5 Update

 Our life can be summed up in three words:  BUSY but BLESSED.  Wow!  These kids keep us moving.  Reece keeps us on the go during the spring with baseball.  The girls love to go cheer for GuGu.  Trent is an assistant coach, so Lily gets to yell for her Daddy too...which she does very loudly every time she sees him!  Reece made us so proud tonight with a big team win and an awesome game on the mound.  This one Mama did get a little too excited and loud, but her sweet, little bossy daughter was sure to get her quiet.  "MaMa you are too loud, you no loud tonight!"  Yes,mam...Lily :)

So proud of our Reece Man!!

Mary Ashtyn stays busy with majorette practice and just being a teenager.  She has the sweetest group of Christian friends and we love to see her hanging out with them.  As she is growing up, I'm so proud of who she is becoming. 

Awards Day, then on to see the Hunger Games!

Spring Testing Pep Rally

Love my girl!!

Then, there is Silly Lily...never a dull moment :)  Life after the hard pants is getting better every day.  Her legs are still sore and she isn't completely back to her old self, but she is doing great.  She is sitting by herself really well now and her legs are never still.   She is even able to lift her head and raise herself up in her stroller...which she NEVER did before her surgery.  Before her surgery, her head would roll back when I brushed her hair.  As I was brushing her hair the other day, she tells me to look at her head.  I didn't even think about it, but she was holding it up as I brushed!!   God is so very good!!

I'm a little teapot?? 

This girl really needs to get to Disney World!!!   

Lately, Lily's language is exploding.  She talks ALL THE TIME.  She sometimes gets her words confused and it's just too cute to correct!!  Just for a little while, I'll let her "toop" instead of toot and change the channel with the "mope".  She told me tonight that her legs are working again, so now they are Chinese!  HA  Then, she looks at her surgery scars and is sure to let me know that they are NOT Chinese.  "They are surgery, no Chinese".

Loving every minute of our busy, blessed life. 

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