Monday, April 16, 2012


 When we wake up in the morning, Lily and I will be shouting, "TODAY IS THE LAST FULL DAY OF HARD PANTS"!!!!  It seemed impossible in the days leading up to Lily's surgery.  I could not imagine how we would make it. The entire six weeks was difficult, but now we can say that it is DONE :)

March 5, 2012, just out of glad to see my baby!
Mei Mei &Mickey with matching hard pants.

Daddy's Girl
So happy to be able to feed herself!
On her side, watching TV...she liked to sleep like this, too :)
Zebra Nails!!!
Staying Cool
Build a Bear
Posing with Minnie
Barbies at the beach
All clean!
Happy to be at church!!
Easter Eggs
Pop and Lily at Reece's baseball game
Proud of our girl!
Happy Girl
Strolling by the river, enjoying her orange.

Things I will NOT miss about the hard pants:
~Hugging a cast!!  I am so ready to snuggle with Lily!!!!!
~Struggling to pick up my baby, this cast is HEAVY.  My back will never be the same :)  Seriously!
~Banging poor Lily's feet into everything...bless her, I just never got the hang of carrying her without running her feet into something!
~Scratching and bruising my legs, arms, and fingers on the cast
~Not being able to brush Lily's teeth by took both of us, Trent held her up to the sink, while I brushed.
~Back spasms as I held Lily backwards on the toilet...NOT FUN!!
~Not getting to put on her cute outfits, very thankful for the cute pillowcase dresses that were made for her...that was all that she could wear!!
~Being stuck at was just too hard to get her out much by myself.
~"Baths" on the kitchen counter, washing all that hair with her head hanging in the sink
~Sleepless nights

This list could go on forever, but you get the idea :)

Things I will miss about the hard pants:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......NOTHING!!!  Not. one. single. thing.

I can't wait to see her little bird legs!!  I pray that she will be able to use them like she did before the surgery.  I'm begging God to let her sit up like she was before this body cast.  On March 5th, we had no idea that she had MDC1A.  We got her diagnosis three weeks into the cast, we might have done things differently if we had known.  We didn't...God did.  He gave us the peace we needed to follow through with the surgery.  

Please pray that Lily will come out of these hard pants able to sit up and use her legs.  We know it may take a while, please pray with us that it happens quickly.


  1. Yay no more hard pants for Lily!

  2. So very happy for you all and that the hard pants will be history soon!!!! The precious smile through the whole ordeal has been a wonderful thing!!