Monday, November 26, 2012

Remembering Inner Mongolia~A Year Later

For the past several days, most our of conversations have started out with..."this time time last year".  It has been so much fun to share memories of our China trip.  

Once we made it to Hohhot on Friday, we had to wait the entire weekend before we got Lily.  We loved getting to spend time in Inner Mongolia.  We were able to visit a Buddhist temple and the Inner Mongolia museum.  We even braved walking down the street from our hotel to eat by ourselves at a restaurant where NO ONE spoke English.  We were so proud to get food that we recognized and were able to eat!!

We were so anxious to get Lily, but I'm glad we got the time to tour Hohhot.  We fell in love with Inner Mongolia.

We saw so many beautiful buildings as we drove through Hohhot...when we had our eyes opened.  Traffic was scary!!

Inside one of the buildings at the Buddhist temple

One of the temples

Streets of Hohhot

Inner Mongolia Museum

Aggie (our guide), Reece, and Mash checking out the museum.

All them!!

Family pic in the museum

Our little family

Our big family :)  We don't have a clue who they were, but they wanted to be in our picture!!  It was so funny!


They made our trip so perfect!

A year later, this pic doesn't even look right... where is our Lily???


Museum Entrance

View from the Museum

More views of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Sheraton Lobby

Our solo trip to a restaurant, jet lag was catching up with us very quickly!  My babies were so tired.

Thank goodness for picture and chicken fingers, please!!!

After a full weekend, we were so ready to finally get Lily.  We spent Saturday and Sunday seeing Inner Mongolia and wondering about our sweet girl.  It was one of the longest weekends of my entire life :)

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