Saturday, November 24, 2012

November 24, 2011

It's been one year since our family of four left for China to become BamFam5!!  This year has gone by so very quickly!  It really seems like yesterday that Trent's Mom and Dad took us to the airport before dawn on Thanksgiving morning.  We were all so excited as we jumped out of the van for a few more hugs before we hurried in to check our luggage and find our gate.

Thinking back to the other 2 airport trips...everyone in both of our families went with us when we left for Russia for Mary Ashtyn.  Airport security was nothing like it is now, and everyone sat at the gate with us until we were ready to board.  Our Russian princess was the first grandchild on both sides, so we were all sooo excited!  Three years later, airport security had changed drastically in just a few months.  We left for Kazakhstan in December 2001, just a few months after the terrorist attacks.  My Mom and Dad stayed home to keep Mary Ashtyn while Trent's parents took us to the airport.  I will admit that it took several nerve pills to get me on that plane, leaving my sweet girl and missing my brother's wedding was horrible.  Trent's parents couldn't get anywhere near the gate this time because of the tight security.  As we got in line to check in, we looked back to see Mr. Tommy sobbing...we ran back for more hugs.  We knew Reece was worth it, but we were all terrified!

The trip to China was so easy for us!!  With both of the big kids going with us, it was much easier to get on that plane.  Although our Thanksgiving lunch was airplane food, we didn't mind at all!!  We were on the trip of a lifetime, on our way to bring home the sweetest Chinese treasure.

First plane on our long trip to China
Early morning breakfast at the Birmingham airport

Long wait in Chicago with very few Americans...reality set in, we're going to CHINA!!

Our new Chinese friend, George.  Trent and I were meeting other parents traveling to adopt and looked up to see George talking to the kids...they were totally freaked out!!!  LOL

Looking great after a very long flight to China...waiting for the final flight to Hohhot, Inner Mongolia.

We loved every minute of the two weeks that we spent in China and we can't say enough about the perfect little souvenir that we brought home, Lily Joy ChunHang Bamberg!

 Snuggling on the couch watching Christmas movies one year later,
so thankful for our sweet miracles!

To celebrate Lily's Gotcha Day, I'm going to try to post some pictures that we never got to share while we were in China.  Start reading here if you'd like to read our posts while we in China last year.


  1. Wow, so hard to believe I've been following a year! Congratulations!

  2. I was just thinking the other day your gotcha day was coming up quickly!! SOOO crazy!! Just seems like yesterday!! And I can't believe I am going again!! Woo hoo!!!