Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day!!!

Looking back and trying to describe the day that Lily came into our lives is impossible.  Reading back over my blog from November 28, 2011 captures my feelings from that day.  Every day for the last year, we've just loved Lily more and more.  We've laughed, cried and saw God each and every day through her.  Our life hasn't been completely easy this year, but every day loving Lily is worth it.

Forever a Family
November 28, 2011

Finally in my arms!

Totally loving the cheap sunglasses!

Playing with BaBa, love her little hand on his arm.

Couldn't take our eyes off of our perfect little girl!


Regretting the sunglass purchase, just a little :)

VERY thankful for the netbook that finally helped our sweet girl settle down a little....she grieved so hard!

First English word...Coke!!  It sure saved us on Gotcha Day!

She loved seeing pictures of herself and her friends...she still loves to see her friends' pictures and talk about them.

Holding on tight to HER computer while she checks out the Ipad.

Love how Reece is looking up at her...proud big brother.

My miracles, finally blessed!

No words to describe how it felt to see these sweet faces together!!

The only place Lily would sleep while we were in Hohhot was in this crib...once we visited her SWI, we understood.  It's all she knew.

We were never far thankful and overwhelmed to be her parents!

She fell asleep holding Baba's hand...the perfect ending to a perfect Gotcha Day.

Happy Gotcha Day, Lily Joy!!!

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