Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A New Driver at Our House

Big news today...Lily's power chair is on the way!!!  

It will be delivered on Thursday.  We are so excited for her to experience the freedom that her new chair will bring.  Trent and I are breaking out our running shoes, Silly Lily is already challenging us to races.

Trying out a power chair at Children's...of course, Lily's chair will be BLUE!!!

If any local friends see a blue blur, it will be our girl racing by!  Our world will be changing big time...can't wait to see how well our perfect child behaves now that she can get away from us :)

In December, we'll have  ANOTHER driver, Mary Ashtyn will get her learner's permit.  Can this Mama handle all this independence???  Lots of prayers, please!

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  1. How wonderful. :) That is so exciting! God bless you guys. ~Tina