Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's sooo good!

It has been a great weekend!!!  We've been sharing about our newest daughter, Ava, and have been so thankful for all the support and encouragement.  I'll get to that in another post, but right now I have to share about Lily's power chair.

So excited about going to church!

She went right into Sunday School and pulled up to the table all by herself.

Lily was all smiles when we got to the sanctuary and she was able to go to her seat all by herself.  It was amazing to see her able to control where she was going and make decisions for herself.  I'm also happy to report that she is still being very obedient...for now :)

Giving her Zone friends a demo of her power chair at church tonight.
Love my nephews' faces as they watch her spin around, they were so excited for her!

Intense game of HeadBands during the church fellowship :)

Reality really hit us at an ice cream social we had after church tonight.  Lily rolled along beside me and picked out her own ice cream and snacks.  Not on my hip with both of us struggling to get a plate...beside me and holding her own ice cream.  WOW!!  After we ate, she wanted to go to the gym.  So, we let her...BY HERSELF!!!  As we sat and talked with our church family, I looked up to see my sweet Lily coming back to the fellowship hall.  Huge grin on her face and shouting, "I'm back"!  As she checked in and turned to go back to the gym, I cried a little blubbered like a big baby!!  

The second check in was just as sweet.  I did notice that one of her foot rests was crooked.  Uh Oh,not a good sign.  The last time it was crooked, she had almost climbed our refrigerator in her chair!!  Long story short, she "had a little crash in the wall" but our church is still intact with no major damage.

As Reece, Mash, and I turned the corner to leave, we found Trent and Lily at the water fountain.  My sweet husband may have been a little teary eyed as he watched Lily getting some water.  

Why would we get so emotional about this???  Our sweet girl took a drink of that water and said, "it's sooo good"!  She has never been able to get up to a water fountain before and get her own drink.  It's the little things that most people don't think twice about that mean so much to Lily.  I love watching her world open up to so many new things.  As we rode home, she told me she played follow the leader, tag, and raced with all the kids in the gym.  Just normal things, like drinking from a water fountain...but so big for our girl.  


  1. That sweet girl is and inspiration to all of us. We all worry too much about things that don't really matter instead of enjoying all the blessings God gives us every day. Praying for your precious family and the new addition on the way.
    Wanda Whaley

  2. This is so beautiful, but difficult to read because it's so blurry from the tears that have filled my eyes. ;) I am so thankful that The Lord led me to your blog and your wonderful family! God bless you. ~Tina

  3. No wonder you were having to hold back your tears...I'm all teary eyed just reading this. So thankful that Lily is experiencing the independency that she has longed for and is getting the chance to do so many "firsts" all by herself. How wonderful!!!

  4. Oh my, what a wonderful post! What a sweet blessing to see Miss Lily doing so many things for herself! I love it!