Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ready to Zoom!!


We have a very happy girl at our house.  She woke up proclaiming that "today is power chair day"!   Once the chair got here, she could barely wait for the salesman to finish making adjustments.  We all had to tell her to stop driving while he worked on it.  She grinned and said, "I'm just ready to zoom." How cute is that??  

Zoom, Zoom

For NINE years, she's scooted in her crouch walk or been pushed or pulled by others.  Today, she was the leader and we all had to follow.  It was the sweetest thing to hear her giggle and shout, "follow me, guys."

 "We're gonna have a little walk, come on guys...follow me!!"

Silly Lily leading the way...of course, she had to keep stopping to spin around :)

She loves the independence, but her favorite part of her chair??

Miss Priss has to approve all the pictures.  She looked at these and was quick to say that she looks just like Mulan today.  Oh, how this girl makes us smile.  Totally amazed by the peace that God gives us as we enjoy every day of raising the best kids in the world!!!  Two years ago, I could not imagine being excited over my baby getting a power wheelchair.  Today goes down as one of our best, only tears of joy to see Silly Lily so happy and independent.    God has changed us so much through Lily and I am so thankful!!!


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