Friday, November 25, 2011


After being on planes and waiting in airports for over 24 hours, we finally made it to Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Reece and Mary Ashtyn did great during the long flights...eating good,sleeping well, getting along with each other!!! We are so proud of them. It is such a blessing for them to be here with us. We love watching them experience so many new things. They are both so excited.
We are now in the city,in the same hotel where we will meet Lily!! Trent and I are awake at happy to finally be here. We won't get Lily until Monday. Planning on lots of sightseeing to make the next two days go by quickly.
Trying to get a few more hours sleep then off for a huge breakfast before we go to a museum.

2 more sleeps until our little ladybug is with us!!!!

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  1. Great news! I hope you have a lot of fun while you wait! Blessings!