Monday, November 28, 2011

Lily Day

We started waking up around 1:00 this morning...too anxious to sleep. By 5:00, both kids were snuggling in bed with us. It is a sweet memory that I will never forget. It's like we all know our life is changing in a very big way and we are holding on for dear life. Trent and I told the kids how much they will always mean to us and how honored we are to be their parents.

They have been so great in China. Mash is our comic relief...speaking Spanish and calling herself SeƱorita! A nut...just like her Daddy!! Reece has been his same sweet,loving self. He always knows just when I need a hug. He has been sick and finally broke down and cried last night. He doesn't want to slow us down and felt guilty for being sick. He is such a sweetheart. I love these two so much!!!

It's 8:00 am on Monday morning (11/28). Lily should be leaving BaoTou any minute on the way to us here at our hotel. There is no way to describe how I'm feeling right now. Excited,nervous,a little scared,sad for her, ecstatic for our family. It's very overwhelming! God has been so good to us. This sweet little girl is meant to be with us. The months of wondering are almost over.
9:00 am...Just realized that sweet Lily has already left the orphanage and the only life and home she's ever known. So worried about her. I just couldn't stop crying thinking about how she must feel. I did feel better after skyping my Mama. Praying that she'll get here safely and will realize instantly how much we love her. God has given us that peace...I know that He will do the same for Lily Joy. So close to meeting her!!!! No words to describe this.

Still waiting...time is standing still. The four of us are watching Despicable Me. At the part where the girls meet their Dad. Sure hope Lily is as accepting as the littlest one!!! LOL

10:00 On the way to the lobby to wait for Lily.
11:30 Heavy fog has delayed our meeting. We are so disappointed but determined to stay positive. God has our perfect meeting planned.

We became the Bamberg 5 around 2:00 today. It was a dream come true to see Lily be carried into the lobby. That beautiful smile lit up the room...just as in every picture that we saw. She was reluctant to let us hold her at first, but she tore into that Hello Kitty backpack. She wanted her Tangled Barbie opened and started drawing on the magna doodle. She put on her Barbie sunglasses, shared her sucker with me and called to her big sister and big brother. The 4 of us st on the floor at her feet and pulled out every toy that we had. At some point, she let me know that she had to use the restroom and off we went. As I helped her with her pants, she looked in my eyes and just said, "Mama?". Y'all know I cried. It was amazing.

We felt your prayers and were overjoyed with our first meeting. It was absolutely perfect...until the orphanage staff put on their coats. I've promised myself that I would be honest to try and help others who are adopting older children...

Our girl grieved BIG TIME. The silent tears turned into wails by the time we reached the elevator. It was one of the most helpless times in my entire life. We got to the room and she would not be consoled. I held her as she howled. Trent was a rock and I love him more today than I ever have in my entire life. He held onto Reece and Mary Ashtyn as they sobbed. He sang to Lily and rubbed my back as I rocked her. At one point, I just cried out to God for help. I was begging Him to comfort her...because we couldn't. We tried everything...iPad,Barbies,candy. She just got louder. Aggie,our guide, who has been tremendous came to the room to try to talk with her but Lily just made this pitiful scream/howl. She had been interested in the lobby computer, so we thought the iPad was the ticket, HA
I had Trent get my net book that we almost left at home. We opened and gave it to her, little Miss Priss stopped crying and started typing. Nonsense, of course, but little hands in the correct position and fingers flying. She was still in my lap and just leaned up against me and typed away!!!! I had Reece bring me a Coke since I had just survived Hurricane Lily:) Guess who grabs it,gulps it, and gives us a look like she'd just discovered liquid gold? Yep, the princess herself!!!! Within minutes, she was laughing and saying "coke".

She has now completed an entire nonsense novel on the net book, beat Reece's high score on a game on the iPad, beat up both of her siblings with a ballon, ate a supper of noodles with coke to drink, picked out Hello Kitty pajamas, brushed her teeth, skyped all the grandparents and called them by name and said I love you to them, and completely wrapped the four of us around her itty bitty finger. I got out of the shower to find her fast asleep holding her Baba/Daddy's hand.

She probably isn't finished grieving, please don't stop praying for all 5 of us. I wish I could say something profound, but this Mama is exhausted!!! God is so good and carried us through a big storm today. We will praise Him for our beautiful joy.

Pictures very soon, if I ever get to use my net book again :). This girl is bossy, my and oh,so sassy!!!!

Sorry for typos, too tired to proof. Off to stare at MY THREE CHILDREN for a few minutes before I sleep.


  1. We love yall so much!!!
    We are all praying for your family of 5! It is good for her to grieve, because that means she was loved and cared for. Just what you had prayed. It may get worse...or it may get better. There is no way to tell. But, one thing is for are her mama, baba, jeijei, and gege forever. GOD brought you all together. And HE will help you through this. HG cried for 3 days while awake, and still grieves after almost 5 years...SH for a short bit, but then had deeper issues...Charlie~who knows? We love yall and are covering you all with prayers!!!! BIG HUGS to my 2 neices and nephew!

  2. Grief comes in waves and manifests itself in different behaviors. Glad she found the joys of your netbook. Rest if you can and as much as you can.

  3. Hey there...this is Erica, the girl who sat next to you at the LL banquet a few weeks ago. I'm so glad I checked in and found you in CHINA!! WOW!! I have enjoyed catching up, and seeing your beautiful family. I'm so happy to read that your newest treasure is in your arms, albeit not so willingly at times. I remember someone telling me that your time in China is just "survival" time. You do whatever you have to do to comfort, love and care for your child or children. I pray that Lily will feel safe with you very soon, and that God will fill up the hole in her heart with His love.


  4. What wonderful treasured moments. Praying that the transition will be sweet and smooth for all!

  5. Tonight about 7:00 p.m. Robin yelled out, "do you want to read the post about Lily?" Izabella and I ran to the living room and she was screaming all the way. As I am reading aloud to her and her daddy Izabella was jumping up and down and asking, "they have Lily, they have Lily, they have Lily now?" Once I was able to carry on (after having to read about the departure silently as I cried) I explained to Izabella it was hard for Lily when the workers left in a few words that would not wrench her heart and she said, "when she gets here I will tell her she can write to them and mail that letter to China and stay in touch."
    Thank you so much for sharing this love story. We will continue to lift you up and look forward to each post. God Is Faithful.

  6. *Sobbing* with memories, and for your transitions ahead, and the joys, and the unknowns...Indeed, treasured moments!

  7. It is so hard to see your child cry! It is also exhausting! Prayers that God will wrap you all in his arms and carry you through!