Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lily!!

Lily's birthday is March 5, which is surgery day.  We didn't want her to get a body cast for her birthday, so we made yesterday her birthday for this year :)  Her party was so much fun and she loved every minute of it.  There are no words to describe how it felt to watch her enjoying her "first" birthday, so I'll just share a few  pictures.

 Pre-party celebration

Tattoo time at the party...she was covered in them by the end of the night!

 Playing on scooter boards

 Cutest little Donald ever!

 Beautiful Daisy

Lily loved her cake!

 Cupcakes...iced and sprinkled by Lily
 Lily's Smash Cake...making up for the one she missed on her very first birthday in China.

 Enjoying the animal balloon show.

 Lily lifting weights...she is strong!!


 Excuse my camera strap, but look at that sweet smile!

We didn't have to tell her, she dug right in!!

Silly Lily strikes again :)

 Who wants a balloon??
All the kids loved the "balloon man", it was fantastic.  Thanks so much Eddie Walker!  Please check out his fabulous ministry here.

 Emma with a monkey in the tree.


 Mickey Mouse this one!!

 Reece's Alligator

Mary Ashtyn's balloon corsage

 Sweet girls

Mash and her sweet friends covering the birthday girl with tattoos!

 Happy Birthday, Ladybug!!
We love you... icing stained teeth, tattoos and all!!!

Our sweet little blessing


  1. Happy early birthday gorgeous! I think you had the most amazing cake I've ever seen! Hope you had as fabulous of a time as it looks in the pics!

  2. Happy Early Birthday, Lily! Your party looked like lots of fun!

  3. The joy so evident in her sweet eyes makes my eyes a little leaky.