Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 4: FUN!!

Yeah!!!  Today is an easy one...


We have fun everyday around here.  One of these three always  has something fun going on:  baseball, musical, majorette performance and on,and on, and on!  Even if we just stay home, they make life FUN!

Today was a fun day celebrating our oldest.  Mary Ashtyn was inducted into the National Jr. Honor Society this morning!!  Talk about proud, we were over the moon.  We received a letter in the mail a few days ago to let us know that she had been chosen.  The school asked us to keep it a surprise.  Since this is a long standing tradition (my parents kept it hidden from me a hundred years ago),I was determined not to tell Mary Ashtyn.  She did ask if she got a letter, but I told her no.  SHE didn't get a letter, Trent and I did :)  So I really wasn't telling a lie...right??

When the phone rang before 8:00 this morning, I was tickled to hear Mash's sweet voice asking if I knew that Honor Society tapping was at 10:00.  It was driving her crazy wondering if she was being inducted.  It was hilarious because I did the same thing to my Mom on the day that I was tapped into the Honor Society over 25 years ago :)  I remember how it felt to be sitting in the gym and see my family being escorted in with all the other parents.  It was even more special today to walk in with Trent, my Mom, and Lily to see Mary Ashtyn's face light up.

Love this smile!!

After the ceremony, we checked out Mash and her crew of friends, who were ALL inducted, and headed to celebrate!

Mexican, of course!!

So thankful for this sweet, smart group of friends!!

Once they noticed Lily waiting patiently while we made pics, they had to get one with her too :)

Just another day of FUN around our house making more memories with our sweet miracles!!!

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