Thursday, May 17, 2012

Remember Us??

May has been a crazy, busy month.  Obviously, I totally failed the Photo a Day challenge.  We have not been home long enough for me to post anything.  Between baseball, musicals, and majorette camp, it has been non-stop.  It's been so much fun over the last 2 weeks, it will take a few posts to catch up.

The first two weeks of May, Mary Ashtyn's majorette line hosted a mini-majorette camp.  I offered to help and thought Lily might enjoy watching.  She was so excited to see several girls that she already knew.  She sat with them as they were called out to get in line.  The sponsor called her name and she was so proud.  She happily sat in a chair lined up with the girls.

The next thing I knew, she was put in a small group to learn the routine!  I had every intention of taking her out if she seemed upset that she couldn't do exactly what the other girls could.  I've said it many times before, but this little 30 pound beauty is my hero.  She sat in that chair smiling and twirling away!!  She couldn't do the turns or even lift the baton past her shoulders, but she couldn't stop smiling.

As the first practice ended, the girls got to show their stuff.  Lily learned every eight count of the routine and was beaming as she performed!  She left practice so excited and had to show everyone her routine. She twirled for her Daddy and Reece, she twirled during Reece's baseball game, she twirled in the car, she twirled everywhere!!   They had four practices and she couldn't wait get to the gym each day. 

Our mini majorette performing at the local Relay for Life.  One of the cutest things I have ever seen is Silly Lily with her hand on her hip "shaking it".  How proud and blessed I am to be this little diva's Mama!!

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  1. I usually get chills and grins when I catch up with your family here...God has truly brought a gift to you and given amazing opportunities to Lily-girl!