Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lily~Standing Tall

On Friday (5/25), Lily got a stander!!  We were so excited for her to have the chance to stand up, we went straight to our favorite Physical Therapist (Aunt Ashlie) to try it out....

She wasn't too sure at first and kept saying, "I'm scary"...she means scared :)

 When her tears started, I wanted to give in and get her out.  So thankful for Ashlie who kept us both on track and talked her into trying for 2 minutes.

Still not happy, but playing ball with Aunt Ashlie while GuGu watches.

Ready to catch it...but sill not too sure about this standing up. 

Things got better once she got to play the iPod!!

Lily amazes me.  I know that this was scary for her, she's never stood this straight and tall before.  Since Friday, she's gotten a good pair of tennis shoes and she's standing a little more every day!!  We rolled her to the kitchen sink and let her brush her teeth standing up.  She thought that was such a big deal.

She teaches us daily to never take the little things for granted.

Happy Girl in her "tickle jammies"...they are silk PJ's :)

Lily's stander has given her so much more confidence.  She is bearing weight on her legs so much better in just a week.  Her most favorite thing to do now is swim, swim, swim!!  The pool gives her so much freedom.  I can't even put into words how it felt to watch her take her first steps in the pool this week.  She had to cover her mouth with her little hand to avoid getting a mouth full of water from all of her giggling.  She just couldn't stop laughing as she did laps around the shallow end.  We sure need our own pool, y'all!!

She is truly a miracle and I'm so honored to be on this journey with her.  We are realistic and know that it won't always be easy, but I wouldn't trade a second of her sweet little giggles and her great big, sassy personality!!


  1. Awesome!!!! I have tears in my eyes reading about Lily's progress. Lily is such a HUGE inspiration to all who know of her!

  2. Lily's progress is amazing! What a fighter! I love that you are sharing her amazing journey! I love this child's determination and can do spirit!

  3. I've been following your blog for a while now. I came across it while deciding to start the process for our second adoption from China. Lily has touched my heart. So happy to see her doing so well. She is such a strong little girl!

  4. Love this post and your determination!! God is faithful and He does carry us through!! My favorite pic was Lily in her silk pjs with her tennis shoes on!! Love it!!! Keep pressing on!!

  5. So exciting!! God sure has His hands on our gals. Molly also is spending time in a stander and went swimming with an inner tube. She loved it! What freedom they are being exposed to!

  6. Caleb (Wang XiLai) loves to look at the photos of Lilly. Today he said, "Lilly stand up? Lilly swimming? Lilly plays ball? YEAH!" He also liked to see her brushing teeth. He LOVES to brush teeth. Yeah, Lilly! (: