Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 2: Hangzhou

We woke up Saturday morning feeling so much better!!  And starving!  All 5 of us were excited to get to the breakfast buffet in the hotel.  It's a great combination of American and Chinese food...fried rice, noodles, pancakes, hash browns and tons of other things. Lily was very excited about the fried dumplings!!

We rested most of the day until meeting our guide, Nancy, to get some groceries and look around Hangzhou.


Our hotel, The Merchant Marco

Nancy & BamFam5 checking out Hangzhou

Shopping for snacks...excited to find our favorites from Lily's trip!!

Nancy, our guide

First dinner in Hangzhou...if you can't eat with chopsticks, just pose with them!

We woke up bright and early Sunday morning after going to bed before 8 pm. After a huge breakfast, we are waiting to meet Nancy and go to some museums. 

Breakfast Buffet

We sat at a table for only 2 days, the empty chair will hold sweet Ava!!!!

We are getting anxious to finally know how this sweet girl will fit into our family. We are ready to watch God's plan unfold. 

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  1. Nancy was my guide when I adopted Eden and Mackinley! The girls loved her! I'm excited to see that you are in China and so close to meeting your daughter!