Thursday, May 22, 2014


In one week, we leave for China!!!  Ava's Gotcha Day is June 3.  We are so ready to meet this little girl that we've loved for months.  On Tuesday night (5/20), we got to QQ with Ava.  It's like Skype and it was awesome!!!

There is no way to describe how it felt when we opened the video chat and she saw us.  She started smiling and waving and her face lit up when she saw Lily.  They just looked at each other and waved and waved.  Later, she asked the translator if Lily was a little Chinese girl.  It was so cute!!  She also saw her gu gu and asked if he was from Korea :)  The translator helped her tell Mary Ashtyn in English that she was beautiful.

We got to talk with her for almost an hour.  Throughout the call, she would throw her head back and was adorable.  She told us that her favorite color is pink and asked us to bring her pink clothes.  Obviously, Mama has that covered!!  She also asked us to bring her a baby doll and barbies.  Lily is thrilled to hear that she finally has a sibling that WANTS to play.  Lily asked her about her favorite animal and she said she loves birds.  Ava asked if we had pets and we told her about the 2 dogs and our fish.  She was quick to tell us that she liked fish, but she didn't comment on the dogs.

She told us that her favorite foods are noodles, meat and KFC!!!  She was so sweet and thoughtful, she asked us what we liked to eat and then said she would do her best to eat American food.  She also asked if we thought she was beautiful and shook her little ponytail to make sure we saw it.  She looked at her sisters and told us she wanted to let her hair grow long like them.  We all assured her that she is beautiful with long or short hair.  Mary Ashtyn asked her if she could play with her hair and Ava just beamed.

I'm not sure I'll sleep well until Ava is in my arms.  After this video chat, I am just too excited.  She was absolutely perfect.  She told us several times that she's excited about having a big family and can't wait to meet us.  We are so ready to have this precious girl in our family.

Love that you can see Trent's Grace for Orphans shirt reflection and see Lily and him smiling at Ava

Counting the days until we are officially BamFam6....12 to go!!!

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  1. I am screaming on the inside for you!!! You're soo lucky to video chat!!! I hope I will get to see your beautiful daughter in Guangzhou!! We're staying at the Garden.