Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 1: Travel

We left our home early Thursday morning(5/29) around 4:00 am  on our journey to Ava!! We traveled for over 24 hours and it was CRAZY.  Lily's manual wheelchair ended up with a flat, Reece completely ran over a sleeping Chinese man while pushing Lily in her chair, Lily lost her microphone (like her security blanket...if you know us you understand how huge this is), we almost caused a major collision on a Beijing escalator, and I got locked out of our hotel room without pants (only for a few seconds and there were only a few women who saw me and my shirt was really long). It's been an interesting 2 days!!!

 Very thankful that we had our own screens and lots of movie choices!

Sleeping Beauty :)


4 hour layover in Beijing 
Sooooo tired

Boarding our final flight to Hangzhou...bigs were exhausted. 

After we landed in Hangzhou, we were met by a guide, Bing, and a driver. We made it to the hotel after an hour drive and got to sleep around midnight. After 29 hours of traveling, we were pitiful. We slept great and had a big breakfast at the hotel. We're waiting to meet Nancy, our guide for the week, to do some sight seeing.

Ava will be forever ours in 3 days!!!  Keep on praying...we need our prayer warriors.

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  1. Yeah you made it! So so close! counting down the hours until she is in your arms!