Saturday, April 16, 2011


Trent and I are busy, busy cleaning today, making room for a 6 year old and lots of new toys!!  The four of us are so excited to bring this little girl home.  If we could just make this paperwork move quickly.  I am trying to remember that God's timing is perfect and she'll be here exactly when He plans it.  It's just so hard because we are so ready to love her NOW!!
Her hip x-rays came on Thursday, so we are waiting for an appointment with the ortho specialist so that she can review them.  Please pray with us for good results.  Whatever the outcome, we have peace knowing that God meant for Lily to be ours.  We will praise Him for leading us to our daughter.
Her first doll was delivered today.  We are going to make some pics of us holding it, then send it to her with another family who is traveling to bring their children home in May.  I wish I could see her face when she gets it. I know we'll get to see her reactions to so many "firsts", but it's hard knowing we're missing so much.
Please pray that our fingerprints that we had done on Wednesday will be processed quickly so that we can get our first round of clearances completed.  Pray for our Lily...that her heart is being prepared for us, to be loved and hugged and spoiled rotten.


  1. I was so excited to read that she is getting a family...her family...She touched my heart too! I was looking for a younger daugher...than my 6.5 year old daughter... Will she share a room with your daughter - that is one thing that will take place when #2 comes home - I know it will be a transition - but all things work out...

    We can't wait to follow along and know that our prayers are with Lilly and your family.

    Carol in FL

  2. Hi, Carol! Thanks so much for your prayers, the waiting is so hard.
    Our girls will not share a room. Our oldest daughter is 12, so we thought that we be too much of an age difference. She is begging to share with Lily, but we think she'd get tired of it quickly. Pre-teens need their space! LOL
    Please keep me posted on your growing family. You'll be in my prayers Do you have a blog?