Wednesday, April 13, 2011

An update

 Late last night, I was reading some of the required adoption reading materials, when I heard my e-mail notification.  When I checked, we had 3 new pictures of Lily!!!  Sheri, from Gifts to China with Love, sent us a short update with the pics.   Our Lily is a little doll!!  She is sitting at a tiny desk in her classroom.  She is working hard drawing pictures.  We were so proud to see that she is drawing a person with eyes, a mouth, arms, and even fingers.  I think she must be a genius...LOL.  The update from the orphanage director did said that she is very smart and outgoing.  She loves to talk and laugh!!  She is going to fit perfectly into our family :)  She has already made such a difference in our lives.  I am so thankful that God led us to this sweet little girl.
Trent and I got fingerprints done and in the mail today for our state clearances.  Seeing the new pictures of Lily has really motivated us to get busy on the paperwork.
Please pray with us that these fingerprints and clearances will be approved quickly.

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