Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finding Lily

Our family of four is growing!!!  Two weeks ago, we saw a video of the sweetest little face that is changing our lives.  A co-worker told me about an adoption agency in Birmingham and I decided to check it out when I got home.  As I was looking at the site, I clicked on the waiting children photolisting.  I scrolled through the pictures and clicked on several videos to watch.  I do this often and although I thought all the children were precious, I was just looking...we had NO plans to add to our family.  UNTIL, I clicked on "Angela" (not her name, just how she is identified by the agency) and fell in love.  I couldn't stop looking at the videos and finally e-mailed the agency about her at 6:17 pm.  Three whole minutes later, her medicals were waiting in my inbox with a message from Lisa from the agency...still available for adoption.  By the time Trent came in from baseball practice, I was anxious for him to see the video.  He has said for years that our family is complete and we would never have 3 children.  At this point, I was so emotional...I just wanted him to tell me that I was crazy and to forget about it :)   He watched quietly and then agreed that she was a doll.  Most importantly, he didn't say no.   As he got up to load the dishwasher, I sat watching her over and over and started crying.  I went to Trent and he held me as I said over and over that I didn't want to want her.  But I couldn't let her go.  Since he does adoption homestudies, I asked him to please try to find her a family.   After I stopped crying, I called a close friend to have her look at the videos.  As we were talking, I was urging her to share the website with another couple who was interested in adopting.  As I'm begging her to do this, Trent holds up his hands and says, "don't give her away"!!!  He couldn't get her out of his mind either.  Neither of us understood what was going on, but we went to bed with a plan to call the agency the next morning.  I don't think we slept, I prayed for this little girl most of the night and for God to show us what He wanted us to do....
To be continued

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