Friday, January 6, 2012

BamFam 6?????????

Along with our sweet little girl, we also have another new member of the family...M-I-C-K-E-Y :)  I bought him the week we came home from China.  Two weeks ago, Lily rolled over before falling asleep and asked for him.  Since then, he goes everywhere that Mei Mei goes.  Really...EVERYWHERE.

He goes cruising with Mei Mei.
 Still cruising...see his feet??

He goes to church with us...see his feet??

He snuggles with Lily EVERY night.
Mickey goes grocery shopping, to Wal-Mart, to pick up Reece and Mash at school and to therapy with us.  He has actually helped Lily learn how to use her stomach muscles to sit up...he's a really good model :)   Mickey even went shopping with us this week.  He really enjoyed Chinese food at the Food Court.  Lily insisted that Mama feed Mickey each time she took a bite of her food or drank her water.  Yeah, I looked really silly, but I'm not telling her no!  Neither of the big kids were ever attached to a stuffed animal or anything, so this has been hilarious to us.  It's so cute!!

Quick medical update:  Yesterday, I was very shocked to hear that our Dr. is now recommending hip surgery.  I was honestly relieved thinking that Lily didn't have to go through this.  In my fear, I totally disregarded the amazing news...Lily's hips are NOT dislocated!!!  She was diagnosed with bilateral hip dislocation at the age of 2.   The X-rays that we received from China seemed to show this.  Our ortho Dr. also thought that Lily's pelvis looked abnormal.  The CT scan from 12/27 shows the bones in place and the pelvis looks good.  I'm pretty sure I can hear God chuckling as He says, "See, I told you...I got this".  

I'm so thankful for one of my very best friends who helped me see the miracle in our news from yesterday.  Stephanie understands my worries about surgery, she's been there, done that and has three of the most perfect children in the world.  Click here to see for yourself. 

Our main concern about moving forward with surgery was the possibility that it could make Lily's muscle atrophy even worse.  Several doctors were consulted and they all recommended that we see a certain neurologist who specializes in hip dislocation and muscular atrophy.  This is the doctor that we need to help us diagnose Lily.  I'd feel much better if we had a clue to what's going on before we schedule surgery.  We were told that our chances of  being seen were slim to none.  When I talked with Steph today, she told me to get off the phone and call the neuro office.  She'd be praying as I begged.  I said a quick prayer myself and called.  Once again, God is laughing...we have an appointment for January 19!!!!!!!! 

Give your burdens to the Lord, and He will take care of you.  Psalm 55:22



  2. Our Lilly's favorite is also Mickey Mouse. It is so cute!!! How sweet that Lily takes him everywhere!!!!
    Praying for y'all and Lily as you seek answers about her medical care.