Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Faith is Bigger

~Let your FAITH be bigger than your fear~

I got the call today that brings me to my is time to schedule our Lily's surgery.  When we met with the ortho specialist on 12/27, hip surgery did not seem to be the best option for us.  With Lily's muscle atrophy, we have to be sure that we don't do anything that will cause her to lose the function that she has.  No hip surgery and no body cast sounded soooo good to me!!  

Well, my phone rang while Lily and I were picking out chocolate in Wal-Mart.  It was the doctor letting me know that the CT scan shows that Lily's hips are NOT dislocated!!  Huh??  Apparently, her hip sockets are very shallow but the bones are in the correct position.  At this point, the doctor wants to go in and hollow out the sockets to keep the hips in place and also deal with Lily's hip contractures.  Wow!!  Guess who didn't finish her grocery shopping today?    

Trent and I have so many questions and concerns.  We have to be sure that this is the best decision for Lily at this point.  It's hard to move forward with a MAJOR surgery when we aren't sure the cause of her muscle weakness.  I have no doubt that we have been covered in prayer from the minute we left for China.  Pray with us now.

My friend, Lisa, sent me the quote about letting my FAITH be bigger than my fear.  Fear tries to creep in and take over when I think about what Lily will have to face.  Then I remember, God has brought us so far.  He will take us exactly where we need to be.  He gave Lily that huge personality in that little body.  He held her in His arms for seven years before we could wrap ours around her.  Our faith is in Him, totally and completely.

I found a picture for Lily's room a few weeks before we traveled, I bought it to remind me of the plans that God has for Lily Joy ChunHang Bamberg.....



  1. Praying that God will lead you in your decisions for Lily. I love the art work!

  2. Wonderful news! God has taken y'all in the right direction so far, and He will continue to lead you where you need to go. Continuing to pray for you!

  3. Kristie this sounds like a positive thing to me...bones where they should be! Just trust God to guide the surgeons to do what they need to do. Hang in there girl! Let me know what I can do.

  4. What a blessing you all are to each other! Had you not come into her life no telling what would have become of her. Had she not come into your life what an empty spot there would have been in your hearts. Trust and your blessing will continue! You have a beatiful family and your family has a radiant spirit. God will continue to bless you! Monica