Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lily-Learning so Much!

That little diva in the hat is starting to blend three letter words.   In other words, SHE IS LEARNING TO READ!!!  She has learned enough letters and sounds that we can start building small words (bug, pig, man, can, hat).  Today, she was putting some word puzzles together and I started showing her how to sound them out.  She caught on so quickly it shocked me.  The first word she blended by herself was hat.  I ran to Reece's room and got one of his hats.  She wore it all day long and was so proud.  She read for Daddy when he came home from work.  She was so excited to show off :)

Her English is getting better daily.  Today, she is proud to say she is a Bamberg.  She learned her last name and will tell us that she is Lily Mei Mei Bamberg.  She then names the whole family...Mama Bamberg, Daddy Baba Bamberg, Mary Ashtyn Mash Jie Jie Bamberg,and Reece GuGu Bamberg.  Of course, we can't forget Mickey Mouse Bamberg and Minnie Mouse Bamberg!!!  Ha   She was singing the Mickey's Clubhouse song in her sleep last night...so we have to include the Disney gang in our family!  Nothing like hearing Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog at 3:30 in the morning!!!

She's been asking us, "Are you Okay?" for a few weeks.  Now, she's also asking "how are you?".  Tonight she was looking for Trent and started yelling "Baba, Where how are you?"...it was hilarious!!!  Here are some other quotes from Lily:

*Just one more time, Okay?
*Mei Mei just one little bite, uhhuh...Okay!!
*I watch Mickey Mouse TV!!!!
*Mama, red is stop and green is go (sitting at the stop light)
*Mei Mei wants big schway...little more, Okay?  (as I'm filling the tub for her bath)
*Let's go, Mama!!  HURRY UP, Okay? (while I'm driving)
*Mei Mei eat cold chocolit (chocolate ice cream)
*I hot, cover open, cover down (throwing the cover OFF and to the ground)
*Baba sleeping, then (makes motion for eyes open), work just a little, Okay?  (every night when Trent kisses her goodnight, in other words...when you wake up and go to work, you better hurry home!!)
*I like it!!  (playing on Ipad)
*Mei Mei big, Mei Mei strong!!  (as she shows us her muscles)

It's so funny that we actually worried about adding an older child to our family because of the language barrier.  We have loved watching Lily's language develop and trying to guess what she's going to say next.  With our silly Lily, we NEVER know what to expect!


  1. I have loved following along and watching Lily's progress and growth in muscle tone too! It's exciting to see what God is doing and I too believe for total healing and strength!

  2. It has blessed everyone who had follow you though this journey.

  3. Lily is SO smart!! Its amazing how much she has already learned!!!! Somedays I am frustrated that I cant get Miss Ruby to tell me that she's hungry/wet/dirty, etc!! its so hard to have them understanding/speaking another language!! Ahhhhh, patience!!

    I totally recognize you guys from the Garden! I remember seeing Lily every morning and thinking how beautiful she was. And I was right, she was and still is!!

    Happy Year of the Dragon!