Sunday, January 1, 2012

I just can't!

I have needed to blog about our first doctors visits for almost a week, but I just can't.  I need to update on the bloodwork that is checking for syndromes and the ortho doctor who thinks our Lily may have some type of dystrophy, but I just can't.  I need to tell you how brave this sweet girl was during her x-rays and CT scan, how I was so scared that she would freak out during the scan but she counted "1,2,3...weeeeee" as the machine started moving.
Daddy holding her feet with Mama talking and laughing with her during the CT.

I need to say so many things that may not fit into our fairytale, but I just can't.  I look at this face.....

I listen to her giggle and call for Mama, Babba, Jie Jie, &Gu Gu and I just can't share my fears....I don't have ANY!!  I have an overwhelming peace that only my God can give me.  As I watch her play and enjoy every minute, I can hear Him whisper, "she is home and she will be OK".

Just as I finished typing, I got a message that our first professional pics were ready!!   Stephanie Terry from Focus 1 Photography (click to see them) did an excellent job catching all three kids' personalities in the pics.  They are gorgeous.  Looking at them is just another reminder from God that He is in control and will take care of all five of us!  Maybe I should worry a little, but I just can't :)


  1. The pictures of your three blessings are beautiful!!!
    I understand what you are saying about not worrying and not being fearful. I felt the same way when the doctors threw around some possible things that could be wrong with our Lilly. I knew that no matter what the outcome of the tests, she was the same little girl we have fallen so deeply in love with.
    Hugs to Lily, for being so brave and enduring so much during her short time home. :-)

  2. I have been there....still am I guess every time we see a new doctor....but none of it really matters..all that matters is that God chose her for us, and us for her. In that I can rest my head and my heart in my father's hands. We are ready to come play!!