Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 It just hits me sometimes-WOW, these are MY kids!!  I am one very proud Mama.  God had the perfect plan for our family.  Three kids from three different countries who make our life complete.  Mary Ashtyn, Reece, and Lily are our miracles.

So, Mamas brag, right??  My turn, my turn!!  All three of the kids made me so proud last weekend.

Reece is playing Upward Basketball.  His team did an awesome job during the first game of the season.  They worked together so well and made their parents very proud.  Reece scored several times and did a great job on defense.

 Silly Lily enjoyed cheering for Gu Gu and DRINKING M&M's during her first basketball game.

Trent has coached Reece's teams for several years.  I am proud of the way that he encourages each of the boys and tries to teach them more than just the fundamentals of the game. 

Mary Ashtyn was at Shocco Springs for the weekend for NewSong, a 7 & 8th grade Honor Choir sponsored by the Alabama State Board of Missions.  We drove to Albertville on Sunday for the performance.  It was fantastic.  Once again, I was a very proud Mama.  Of course, I cried during a few of the songs...are you surprised??  LOL  Although I really am proud, I'm also forgetful.  NO camera :(

Our youngest has been busy with "school" for the past 2 weeks.  Until we get her arms and legs stronger and find out if hip surgery is needed, I am working with her at home to get her ready to start 1st grade next year.  Lily is doing great!!  She has learned 8 letters and letter sounds so far.  She is able to write the letters and pick out pictures that have the same beginning sound.    I've also had her copying her name.  She shocked me on Friday when she wrote her name by herself during therapy!!  I was so proud.  On Saturday, I was shocked when she wrote her name and then BaBa!!  She kept yelling Baba (Daddy in Chinese) and we couldn't figure out why.  When I looked at her dry erase board, I saw....
  She ran out of room for the last A, so she just wrote it on the other side.  Later on, she wrote is several times correctly in her Hello Kitty diary.  I've been trying to tell you people that my baby is a genius :)

I don't get proud Mama moments every day...some days Reece pokes his baby sister in the eye and makes her cry, Mash is ill and stays in her room, and Lily falls off her Daddy's back and bumps her face on the door frame.  When I say some days, I really mean TONIGHT!  Wow, what a day :)  So thankful that I'm able to remember the weekend.  Loving every minute of this crazy life!!


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