Friday, January 20, 2012

Neuro Update

Miss Lily is ready to start school for the day, so this will be a quick update.  The appointment with the neurologist went well yesterday.  The doctor was so good with Lily, he had her laughing and playing in no time.  He examined her and answered all of our questions.  We've seen a few doctors who have said they really feel that Lily has some form of Muscular Dystrophy.

Although the neurologist does see some characteristics associated with MD, he was not ready to discuss that possibility.  He says that he has seen other children who were adopted make tremendous progress in the first year home. If we weren't facing hip surgery, he told us he would just send us home to wait and see for the next 6 months.  Since waiting that long is impossible, he will start some nerve conduction testing in the next few weeks followed by a muscle MRI along with a possible muscle biopsy.  All this testing will take weeks, but he thinks we'll have some answers by March.

It was honestly a relief for the neurologist to even suggest that Lily's muscle weakness could just be a result of poor nutrition and lack of use.  Our plans are to keep trying to fatten her up and getting her muscles stronger.  Trusting in God to handle the rest...

You lead, I'll follow. Your hands hold my tomorrow!

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