Thursday, December 29, 2011

One Month

Lily Joy ChunHang Bamberg has been ours for one month.  Every day we watch her getting stronger and more comfortable with her place in our family.  She is an amazing little girl and we are so blessed that she is our daughter.

November 28...First glimpse of our girl
What a feeling to finally see our answered prayer coming through that door, smiling as usual!!  Well, at least for a little while :)  The grieving was tough on all of us, but a month later, Lily is doing fantastic.

Lily can count to 100 in unison with us.  
She knows her colors in English.
She sings her ABCs and recognizes a lot of the letters.
She in comprehending a lot of what we say to her and uses more and more English words every day.  She is using some short phrases...Mei Mei no eat, Mei Mei is cold, Ice is cold, more eat please. 
She does not like her room yet and sleeps in a toddler bed in our room.  She slept in a room with several other children, so we know it's scary for her to sleep in a room by herself.  I love having her sleeping right next to me. 
Her arms and legs are getting stronger!  Tonight, she crawled from our living room into Reece's bedroom.  In China, she couldn't lift her own cup!  Now, she's holding herself up to crawl across our house.  She is a very determined little princess!
She laughs and squeals A LOT! 
Her favorite drink is still hot water...but she has drank a Capri Sun and Apple Juice in the last 2 days.
She loves being outside and riding in her wagon.
She misses her friends in China and loves to look at pictures of them.
Some days, she wants to be called Hao ChunHang.  Other days it's Mei Mei.  She lets us know who she wants to be and she hasn't been Lily yet :)  We don't care, we'll call her anything!
She is a major Daddy's girl!!!  Luckily, she lets me do things for her and is happy with me.  It's just obvious she prefers Trent.  I plan on changing the locks when he goes to work next week!  LOL
Today, she started calling Reece and Mary Ashtyn by their names, makes me a little sad.  Loved hearing her call them Jie Jie and  Gu Gu.
Her favorite toy is her stuffed Mickey Mouse (MiLaoshu)...he goes everywhere with us.

Lily's laugh is contagious.  You can't help but laugh right along with her.  
She cheers everytime we pull into the driveway of our house. 
She is our Silly Lily and we are so glad that she is HOME!!!


  1. So glad things are going well! I think about you and your sweet family often. Your blog is such a blessing to so many!!