Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fun Day

Each day Lily Joy is getting more comfortable. She is learning to rely on us and we are building more and more trust. No big tears in several days!!! Lots of giggles...sometimes she laughs so much, she can't get her breath. It is the sweetest sound ever. The four of us just sit and play with her. None of us can stand to be away from her. Love,love,love!!

Today we shopped:) I got my girls a strand of pearls and a set for Reece to give to his bride (IF I let him get married). My girls wore theirs tonight with traditional Chinese dresses for pics. Even my Reece wore a jacket. So mad I can't get pics to post...they looked so precious.

We bought Lily 3 pair of shoes today, she is so proud of them. It's hard to tell her no when she asked for we haven't!! HA She lined her shoes up when we got back to the hotel and just beamed as she looked at them. She tried on every pair and modeled them for us.

It's really amazing how well things are going. Giving God all the glory for my precious family.

My Mary Ashtyn will be a teenager tomorrow!!! Pray that she has a good day. She has been so amazing on ths trip, we wouldn't be having such a smooth transition without her. Lily is absolutely in love with her. I want her to have a special birthday tomorrow...she deserves to be celebrated :) Happy Birthday to my first baby girl...she made all my dreams cone true when I became her Mama.


  1. Happy Birthday to Mary Ashtyn! What a wonderful blessing to have your children with you on this journey!

  2. Happy Birthday Mash! It's SOOO cool where you get to spend your Bday! ily!

  3. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE!!!!
    Soooo excited for Lily to have 3 pairs of shoes! That was a BIG deal for our 3! I know yall are having an incredible time bonding!!!
    I strongly believe that shopping helps with bonding! :)
    Sarah Hope said,"Mary Ashtyn's Birthday is tomorrow! She is in China, so we can't see her." We miss you all! PLEASE tell MASH that we LOVE her and hope she has a WONDERFUL birthday!
    HUGS to Reece, too!
    Love yall!