Monday, December 26, 2011

Yes, I am a Princess....

My Father is the King of Kings!!!
No doubt that our Lily is a princess!  She got a Cinderella Princess and Me doll.  Santa brought her the matching dress.  Once we put it on, she wore it ALL DAY LONG!!  She was so sweet when she got it on and smoothed it out.  She just ooooed and ahhhed.  It makes me want to go out and buy every dress up outfit ever created.  Seven years is a long time to go without things that most people take for granted.  Trent and I want to make up for everything that's she missed. It's just hard to know where to start :)

Our Christmas was so special this year.  All three of the kids were such a blessing.  I loved just watching them enjoy their gifts and spending time with our families.  Lily did so well with the many visits we made.  She was quieter than usual, but did great.

Several times throughout the day, Trent and I commented how unbelievable it was that this time last year, we had no clue that we would add to our family in 2011.  We honestly thought our family was complete...
Christams 2010

So amazed at how that day in March when I saw "Angela" on Lifeline's Waiting Child List changed our lives forever.  Our family is better, stronger, and more thankful because of God's sweet gift...our beautiful joy, Lily.

Same couch, Christmas 2011...what a difference this year has made in our family!

Hope that that your Christmas was as blessed as ours!

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