Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lily at Church

We snuck to church tonight for the Children's musical!!!  Lily has not done well in new places with lots of people.  So, we waited until time for it to start and sat in the balcony.  She sat in her Baba's lap and seemed to enjoy the music.  I am so proud of my nephews and niece...they all did great and looked so cute.  All my church babies did terrific and I was so glad we got to see them.

We worried about taking Lily out so soon, but I was the one who cried most of the musical :)  When the preschoolers started singing a song about Jesus, my tears started.  Then, they sang Jesus Loves the Little Children.  I held my breath to keep from sobbing out loud!  I am a total cry baby :)  I couldn't help but think that this was the first time Lily had been to church and heard about Jesus!!  Wow!  What a blessing it will be to teach this little princess about her Savior.

BamFam 5 first night at CBC all together...FINALLY!!!

The musical was Christmas Around the World...loved the Chinese girl in the middle!!!

Lily Joy's first time at church!!!!
So proud of my church babies, I've taught most of these children during Sunday School or Awana.  

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